Photo of the Month – May

Hi Folks:

We’re featuring one of Marcia’s flower images as our ‘Photo of the Month’ for May.  While Marcia doesn’t share Mike’s passion for f/stops, shutter speeds and the like, she has great fun making images with her Android-enabled cell phone camera.  We both do.  Almost all of our cell phone images are made using the Camera 360 software, as ‘undeveloped’ as possible, and then brought into Lightroom for final editing.  This is Marcia’s favourite image of those she made in May.  Victoria is known as the ‘City of Gardens’, and walking anywhere in Victoria for most of the year is an open invitation to stop and photograph the wonder!

Here’s the image and an example of our city’s beauty!


While the above image has very little processing, we also experimented with a slightly desaturated look.


We showed both to some photographer friends and most preferred the coloured version, but Marcia’s thought was that the more subtle look would work well as a painting for cloth… a silk scarf for example.  Do you have a preference?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

Now go out and make some photographs!


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  1. dundot

    While both photographs are wonderful,.. I much prefer the bottom photo ,.. my reason is the photo seems simple yet complexed … and allows me my own thoughts of colour and shade ..


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