Photo of the Month – Winter Storm

Hi Folks:

Through the winter months we can get some very high tides (and consequently very low ones) known as ‘King Tides‘.  Winter here  also tends to involve a fair bit of rain and some really powerful winds.  The combined effect isn’t as strong here in Victoria as it is on the west coast of the island, but it can still be pretty amazing.  I went out a couple of years ago to try to photograph this remarkable occurrence and ended up with my camera (and me) getting swamped by a rogue wave!  Both of us survived the encounter, chronicled here: Photo of the Month – Winter Storm.

I was a bit more cautious this time, and went to a slightly different location – Holland Point – further west than Clover Point but along the same bit of coast.  Made several hundred images that day (including a number of HDR/ panorama collections) and a couple of videos (I’m not a videographer) and I’m still processing those.  The wind wasn’t quite as powerful as it was in 2010 and I didn’t have quite the same challenge keeping my tripod from being blown over/carried away.  Keeping the lens clean is always a challenge, but I also managed to emerge without getting swamped!  I showed a couple of the processed images to Marcia and she chose this one as her favourite.  I think it sums up the energy of the day pretty well.

Winter Storm

Now go out and make some photographs!


P.S. This is one of the videos I made that day:

Winter Storm

Click to watch video

4 Replies to “Photo of the Month – Winter Storm”

  1. frizztext

    hi Marcia,
    I like your comment too: "…ended up with my camera (and me) getting swamped by a rogue wave!"

    1. wolfnowl Post author

      Fortunately, both the camera and me survived… although it took some alcohol, Q-Tips and a heat register to clean out the camera! Thanks for your comment, and thanks for dropping by!



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