Photo of the Month – October

Hi Folks:

End of the month again, and while Hallowe’en is tomorrow, I’m not going to post pictures of zombies, ghouls, ghosts or other Hallowe’en characters. I thought I’d mention something else entirely: serendipity. Roughly defined as a ‘happy accident’, serendipity from a photographer’s perspective often comes about from having a camera at just the right moment, to capture something you might otherwise have missed. Most of my photography is landscape work, and while I do go out on photographic expeditions, I usually have a camera with me wherever I go – even if it’s just the camera in my cell phone. I chose two images for this month’s ‘Photo of the Month’ post because they were both taken under similar circumstances.

The first image was made when I was walking along the path that runs between Dallas Road and the Juan de Fuca Strait. I’ve made many photographs along there, but on this day I was just out enjoying the evening. I wandered down to Finlayson Point just as the sun was setting and the clouds were just amazing. I had just enough time to dig my camera out of my backpack and make one image before the light changed.


The second image I made when Marcia and I were waiting for the bus near the blue bridge, downtown. Again, I’ve made many images of the inner harbour area, but on this occasion we just wandered down to the water and came across this sunset. This image is a composite of 18 images, an HDR panorama of 6 images with 3 exposures for each image. I didn’t have a tripod with me so simply balanced the camera on top of a fence post.

Inner Harbour Sunset

They both worked out pretty well, I think.

Okay, that’s it for now. Remember to keep a camera with you ‘just in case’, and go out and make some pictures!


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