Photo of the Month – Rithet’s Bog

Hi Folks:

Somehow I missed the ‘Photo of the Month’ post for June so I thought I’d do something a little different this month.  I was out at Rithet’s Bog the other day, making photographs of the butterflies, bees, dragonflies and other little critters and I came across a number of Lorquin’s Admiral butterflies.  Since my June 2010 post was on butterflies, it seemed only appropriate to do another one.  This time I selected four images and combined them into one 4-across image using Lightroom’s print module.

The Lorquin’s Admirals seemed to show a preference for the Himalayan blackberry flowers, something that encouraged me to write the following gogyohka-style poem:

The Lorquin’s Admiral
doesn’t mind
that blackberries are invasive
as it sips nectar
from the flowers.

So, here’s the image I created:

Lorquin's Admiral

The first image shows the orange bars on the edges of the forewings (Red Admirals have bars running down the middle of the wings).  For the second image I was looking at the shadow of the one butterfly through the blackberry leaf when another butterfly showed up.  Either the first one was feeling threatened or simply not interested, but s/he responded by hiding on the underside of the leaf!  As to the last two, we’ll, we’ll leave them alone.

Now go out and make some pictures!


2 Replies to “Photo of the Month – Rithet’s Bog”

  1. Richard DeVoll

    Real great photos Mike. I have a Canon 590 IS and it takes great pictures but my Canon software has glitched on me. I sure miss the old 35 and 110 mm I used to use. That was a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

    1. wolfnowl Post author

      Thanks, Richard! I used to sell 110s, X-15s and Polaroids back in the day. As for the Canon software, let them keep to making cameras and go with Lightroom instead.



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