Poetry ‘n’ Pics III

Hello Dear Ones!

My book  – A Year in the Life of a Bus-Traveling Poet – went to the printers on June 29th. Blessings be, we beat the deadline! Since then I’ve been filling all my spare time writing poetry galore! Lots to include today … enjoy!

//walk fast into run / exploring, expanding life / child on tippy toes//     (haiku)

***//emotion / spewing up / happiest of feelings / book completion / celebrations! //     (gogyohka)

******//fiery temper / flaming red hair atop small / tight-fisted pixie//     (senryu)

*********//happiness explodes / lava bursts from the heart’s core / spewing forth laughter//     (senryu)

******//the softest of soft / green shoots new to this season’s / expansion factor//     (haiku)

***//poetry written / from the heart of the lover / kisses the senses//      (haiku)

//to own / our now / move the letters / and our beliefs around / to alter the result//     (gogyohka)

***//reaction to life / twist beliefs around to craft /creation of life//     (senryu)

******//upon the lined page / the rhythm of her thought flows / pen dances smoothly//     (senryu)

*********//elegant building / exquisite face to world from / two centuries past//     (senryu)

******//home away from home / toes in the sand, face to the / sun – Florida beach//     (haiku)

***//in nature / water flows over stone / in city / people flow between / stone structures//     (gogyohka)

single rose
exquisite blossom, perfect petals
straight, thorned stem
graces her form calf to ankle
a tattoo

//Independence Day / son born July fourth ~wise man / grew into his choice//     (haiku)

***//the sight breathtaking / never tire of the beauty / the man before me//     (haiku)

******//from within the depths / of inner knowing / comes the peace / and perfection / of the Divine//     (tanka)

*********//loves laughter levied / as weapon to entice life / to all in arm’s reach//     (senryu)

******//basking in the sun / broad branch tip brushes lake’s edge / painted turtles sleep//     (haiku)

***//sun teases shadow / out from hidden recesses / form to fact revealed//     (haiku)

//fear ~ whirling dervish / dancing with wild abandon / stomping on my heart//     (senryu)

***//sun’s warm rise in spring / new shoots future blossoms touch / night frost becomes dew//     (haiku)

******//walking through challenge / supporting strong stand on life / blessings be to feet//     (haiku)

*********//adding spice to life / growing tall despite parched soil / tiny mustard seed//     (haiku)

******//wee sparrow nestles / within cedar foliage / hidden from world view//     (haiku)

***//serious intent / getting down to business of / uplifting laughter//     (senryu)

//heat waves visible / like hum through power wire moves / children’s laughter rings//     (haiku)

***//sixty-two items / appears a large quantity / till counting the years//     (haiku/senryu)

******//poem written down / measured in emotion’s voice / for later recall//     (senryu)

*********//breathe deeply, my friend / take in the essence of life / let it fill you up!//     (haiku)

Well, that’s it for both the poetry and the pics this week! Any of you wanting to check for more of my apophysis pictures, head here.

Create an absolutely fabulous week for yourself …

In Light and Laughter,

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