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Hello Dear Ones!

Well, June 30th has come and gone. It is now Canada Day – July 1st – and my book is at the printer, having met its deadline!

Here’s a sneak peak, especially for you: a write-up of my bio and a précis of my book – plus the fabulous cover that my hubbie Mike did up for me! Check it out here: Marcia’s New Book.

Also I’ve attached below the full cover – both the back as well as the front – to give you a fuller picture …

Marcia's Book Cover

This book is prose and poetry … so its announcement to you here on my Poetry Corner seemed appropriate.

After we (Mike and I) had sent everything off to the printer, I did take time to go for a walk, to stop and smell the roses, to breathe deeply … and then breathe deeply once again! Golly I feel fabulous about all of this!

I will advise you when A Year in the Life of a Bus-Traveling Poet is ready to go live. The book will be available through my e-store at CreateSpace.com as well as through Amazon.com!

In Light and Laughter,


BTW: Now that this book is finished, I have already started crafting the skeleton of my very first novel …

Also, if you’ve not read any of my stories before, you might want to start with this short one: Angel on my Finger. It should give you a feel for my work.  ((((((hugs))))))

2 Replies to “Poetry Corner – Sneak Peek”

  1. Nardine

    Ahhh, such MAGIC… I am so happy for you, dear Marcia Mae. (((hugs)))

    A glorious creation of love!

    Much joy and d'light,

    1. Marcia Mae Nelson Pedde

      Nardine, dear woman … you are such an inspiration to me and for me!
      Yes, this book is indeed a glorious creation of love and my passion for the written word in both prose and verse. I’m immensely pleased with the results and so proud of the incredible work Mike has done to craft the cover into the perfect package it has become!
      To you, Nardine … In Light and Laughter and with Love,


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