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Hello Dear Ones!

Today’s Poetry Corner is being dedicated to a new category within M&M’s Musings: Poetry ‘n’ Pics.

Seems that two creative passions vie for my time and attention each day – poetry and fractal artwork. Many of you who know me through Twitter will be familiar with my micropoetry.  Individual tweets of my poems get sent out in that fashion on occasion. Yet there are days – like today – when I write six, nine, a dozen or more! I don’t like overloading inboxes with tweet after tweet of my verse.

The majority of you would be unaware that I also do art work through the computer. Many of my pieces have found their way to our Flickr site (click on Fractals: my work shows up under Marcia’s Apophysis Galaxies). Here are two of my favourite pieces – the Beribboned Buddha plus Mother and Child:

Here are today’s poems for your perusal (Note: all poems are a form of haiku and will be labeled only if they are a different category within that genre – for example: gogyohka, senryu or tanka … ) :

Summer breezes blow / winds of change mature the plants / deep green longing comes

Playful wind tosses / litter like a toy gleeful / airborn once again

Pink candy floss clouds / carnival colours streaking / ‘cross sunset blue sky

Celtic music strums / harp and bard play upon heart / each reveal treasures          (senryu)

At the very depth / of my being / lives truth / sewn with silver thread / to All That Is          (gogyohka)

Balmy breezes blow / memories long forgotten / cheek feels lover’s touch

Memories reach out / touch the tendril of curled thought / twist it round the heart     (senryu)

Chitchat and laughter / fill the room, nook and cranny / silence sips coffee     (senryu)

Smiles / drive away fear / free the heart / crinkle the eyes / welcome laugh lines     (gogyohka &/or tanka)

A final word of detail for you: each day that I do a Poetry ‘n’ Pics post, I will include both the poetry of that day – or since the previous post – plus one of my Apophysis Fractal pictures.

Thank you for stopping by today – please come again! There’ll be lots more to see in the weeks and months ahead!

As always …

In Light and Laughter,


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