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Hello Dear Ones!

If I submitted a tweet for every haiku I write, everyone who follows me would see my smiley-faced avatar umpteen times a day. It also means I’d not have time to do much other than write haiku and enter tweets in to Twitter! I tweet enough as it is without adding an additional load to my followers’ HootSuite or TweetDeck or other such options!

As a result, today’s Poetry Corner will offer a compilation of the haiku and related styles of micropoetry that I have recorded the past week. They are provided here in the order in which they came to me.  Haiku subjects vary moment by moment in topic for me – just the way my mind works and my heart connects to all that is in my life. You’ll notice there is seldom a common theme: with one exception – the Progressive Haiku poems (seen as #progressivehaiku in Twitter) that have an emotional series or chain of thought over several stanzas from sadness to joy.  Enjoy!

(BTW: if you know little to nothing of haiku and other styles of micropoetry, please go first here and then here … it’ll give you a decent understanding of what you are about to read plus the structure and significance of its style and format.)

(Note: each line below is a separate haiku or micropoem. Assume each to be a haiku – unless otherwise indicated in [square brackets].)

Sweet the rain-kissed cheek / one drop foretells nourishment / to soul and to soil

Fishes fast swim by / schools of thought to teach the young / gathering to feed

Blessings be the love / given and received with heart / reach out to inspire

Blessings be the love / given and received with heart / from those who inspire  [note a different third line from above!]

Lady with red umbrella / awaiting her turn to fly / like Mary Poppins     [micropoetry – not 17 syllables, so not haiku]

Coffee shops / with window views / inspire the poet / within me / to rhyme    [gogyohka]

Wisteria wraps / round the arbor gracefully / purple and green shade

Wind invisible / wrestles tree limbs in contest / wind wins by a breath

Love a new journal / blank pages allow fresh new / concepts for haiku   [haiku & senryu]

Hand tanned, worn, aged, scarred / outstretched palm up – hoping for / the touch of a coin   [haiku & senryu]

An inner knowing / the bud of thought opens up / blossom of insight

Intuition plays / gently on strings of the heart / music of the soul    [haiku & senryu]

Coffee shop writing / inspires the poet within / coffee’s the bonus    [haiku & senryu]

Vibrancy of new / greens sprout out from branch tips / reach to the future

Parking lot filled with / vehicles – crimson, scarlet / a red car nation    [haiku & senryu]

Monthaversary / recelebrating wisdom / of the perfect choice    [haiku & senryu]

Espresso shot smooth / fast move the gulp to swallow / the feet to follow    [haiku & senryu]

Antique cars displayed / convertible memories / hot summer night dreams    [haiku & senryu]

Ladybug on hoop / round and round and round again / circumventing time

Dark skies, cool breezes / brightly jacketed people / and wasps buzz about

Teddy bears sitting / on chairs waiting for people / to cuddle and hug

Contrasts black and white / stunning in attire and yet / roller coaster heart     [haiku & senryu]

Rainbow lollipops / plate-sized decadence to lick / sweetness into life

Summer thirst quenchers / spark explosive sensations / lemonade and storms

Dark clouds ominous / threaten storms, deter picnics / umbrella at home

Book poised on the edge / of the seat; reading glasses / just idling about    [haiku & senryu]

Reading glasses hang / by a thread round her neck; books’ / secrets still concealed    [haiku & senryu]

Trees – stability / wisdom, patience of ages / leaves from time to time

And finally two progressive haiku poems (a name I’ve chosen as I’ve never seen anything like this style before and I’ve researched it’s potential at length with no success). Each stanza (each line = one stanza) is a stand alone haiku/senryu. Yet the concept of one stanza leads into the next. Combined they form a full poem. Note I start with a negative or a concern. By the last stanza there is some resolve or relief.

Progressive Haiku #1:

Answer sought from heart / resolve needed for success / in stepping forward
Frustration is tough / confusion confusing to / the desperate mind
When desperation / befuddles the unconscious / mind, nothing is seen
Be ready, mind says / for major change to occur / tossing turmoil out
How? asks the mind as / solutions still elude view / of what shall arise
The how is divine / delicious the magic of / precious unfolding

Progressive Haiku #2:

Awoke with a mask / glued firmly in place; arose / heavily burdened
Limitation stops / forward motion from leading / into the future
Tears drip from the eyes / leaky inner pipes faulty / called for a plumber
Having a down day / tears moisten soil at my feet / seedlings sprout; I smile

Thank you for reading along! If you are inspired to write and would care to share any of your work, I’d be both honoured and delighted to read them! Just leave me a comment below! (Too shy to share them yet? No one sees our comments till I tell the system to publish it – I’ll not publish your work if you prefer – just be sure to tell me so!)

Trusting you will each create a fabulous week for yourselves!

In Light and Laughter,


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      Blessings to you for your comment. I too enjoy that particular stanza and am pleased to know it resonated with you as well!
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