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Hello Dear Ones!

The day, water, sun, moon, night…I do not have to purchase these things with money.

The above quote is such an inspiring one for me. It helps me to recognize the abundance of all good and wonderful things that there are in my life – ones I do not require money to purchase, yet that enrich my life immeasurably.

Here’s another quote with the same focus:

We don’t want things, people, or events. We want the feeling we mistake them for.”
Cindy Teevens from Twitter

When I look around me at the people, things and experiences that bless my life, I can’t help but to be grateful. I am so appreciative of all the bounty and the beauty around me; so fortunate to have such incredible people sharing their lives and walking with me on this journey called life. Many of you I will never meet in person. You bless my days remotely via the internet – through Twitter and Facebook.

There are days when I’m feeling grumpy or frightened or angry or less than abundant or … and on those days it is so easy to see the dark side of life rather than the bounty and the blessings; to see the glass as half empty rather than full – one 1/2 with the fluid of your choice, the other 1/2 with air! It takes less time these days to get to a place of feeling better – that in itself is a true blessing! It used to take days, weeks; there was even a time when I went months in a state of despair. That was a world and a lifetime ago. I am grateful every day that those days are long behind me. (BTW: I used to spell grateful – greatful! After all I was filled with the greatness of wonder and appreciation!)

Challenging times require personal dedication, an honouring of one’s own Self. When recognition arises that things are out of balance, I stop, breathe deeply a few times, then I take the time to smile (a technique that always works to raise my vibrational levels). Doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like smiling in that moment. I’ve written here before, the body does not know the difference between a forced smile and a spontaneous one; it only knows the smile muscles are activated. (BTW: it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. I used to laugh and tell people I was lazy because I preferred to use fewer muscles!) And as soon as those muscles are in action, the body’s happy level automatically increases. Once those happy hormones are activated, you feel better. Feeling better makes it easier to smile more sincerely, more deeply. That kicks your vibrational rate up another notch. The deeper and the more honest the smile, the greater the feeling of peace and joy. Like an upward spiral, it starts with a tiny dot of action at the base, growing to greater and greater cyclical dimensions of positive energy.

You say your life sucks? Then may I suggest you look at the stories you tell yourself – and others – about what life is like for you. You’ll likely find it’s a scary tale. If that is the case, then create for yourself a happier tale. Make it simple, yet believable at first. Finding it hard to start? Take a look at some of the things that are going right in your world. Again, something simple: the weather may be perfect today with the right amount of sunlight, a sweet breeze and that Spring freshness that has you longing to be outdoors. Even if you are locked inside at a desk or factory job, create a scenario such as this: “Ah, what a lovely day it is today! I can feel the sun warming my face. There is a breeze blowing ever so gently and bringing with it a scent of lilacs in bloom! What a heady aroma! I am sitting on a bench with grasses around my bare feet, tickling my toes. Oh, and there’s the first butterfly of the season! Why, it’s just landed on my knee!”

No, the story is not true in your perception of reality, yet as you read that story, didn’t you feel even a wee bit happier? Of course you did! Start envisioning these stories you tell yourself, and, lo and behold, you’ll find more and more good feelings and better life experiences coming your way. Here’s a quote that supports this concept:

Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you. Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before yours eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws. ~ Abraham

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” #428

Take a moment today to appreciate the simple things in your life. Let thoughts of a loved one warm your heart.  Find something that can make you giggle! Nothing? Then imagine a funny scenario. Have you ever seen the Harry Potter movie (or read the books) where Professor Lupin is teaching the students how to handle a boggart? A boggart is a creature with the ability to sense your worst fear and become that fear right in front of you. The professor’s lesson is for each student to confront the boggart by imagining something funny. One young man, afraid of one of his teachers, envisions the teacher wearing his grandmothers clothes: clunky leather shoes, rolled up stockings, long cotton dress, even her wide-brimmed, fake-flower-trimmed garden hat. The picture is so funny to him, the boy laughs and the boggart disappears! Try creating a humourous scenario in your next boring or potentially frightening situation.  You may find it to be quite a delightful exercise!

However your day unfolds for you, whatever you choose to create for yourself, may I encourage you to take the time to acknowledge the blessings in your life. You’ll be ever so glad you did!

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?”
~William A. Ward

In this moment I wish to honour and express my appreciation to every one of you – you are each a blessing to me!

In Light and Laughter,


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