What is Dying to be Born?

Hi Folks:

I came across the following recently.  It’s an e-book compiled by Lianne Raymond who, like us, lives on Vancouver Island.  Sometimes the threads that connect us are tiny.  As Lianne said, it’s a project she started because it’s a book she wanted to read.  The  stories and poems, drawings and photographs in the book were created by thirty different women, one page each, and celebrate the feminine and the feminine connection to the divine.  In Lianne’s words:

“I am beyond excited to share with you today a juicy project that I have been working on all year!  Though I didn’t write this book, I did compile it because it was a book I really wanted to read.  I’m guessing most of you will feel the same way when you dig into this collection of wisdom, poetry and art from these intelligent, open hearted women. This was a labour of love for me and all the women involved. It is a celebration of the imagination and vision of women.  The ideas in this book are important and my dream is that they will be shared widely and freely, with love, so that they can make a difference.”

I picked one of the works to share with you, not entirely at random (it’s one of my favourites), but it will give you a hint of what the rest of the book is about.  It’s definitely a book worth reading.  You can find the e-book here: “What is Dying to be Born?


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