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End? Who was I kidding?

What are meanderings except aimless wanderings of body or thought? Today we’ll meander through a few of the thoughts surfacing in various forms in this brain and life experience that is me. Let’s see where it takes us, shall we?

In addition to the joy of starting my […]

He Says, She Says...

She Says…

The month of November introduced much that was new into my – our – life. I took on the challenge of, and exceeded, my own expectations with Nanowrimo ( writing a 52, 885 word novel in a mere 28 days.

During this same time, Mike and I opened […]

Journey's End

One minute before midnight, Saturday November 28th, 2009. Exactly one month to the minute that I have spent every waking moment thinking of, planning for, contemplating, jotting concepts and ideas on sticky notes, and living the life of characters outside the realm of my own reality. I have felt their pain, heard […]

50,000 Words!!!

Hi Folks: As mentioned in a previous post, Marcia has been busy this month typing away at a (minimum) 50,000 word novel for Nanowrimo. As of 2:08 p.m. today, she reached her goal!! She’s not finished the book yet, and I’m sure she’ll have much more to add, but I’m so proud of her […]

Marcia’s Meanderings

Hello Dear Ones! Marcia here.

Wherever it is on this beautiful globe that you call home, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by!

This month of November is an exceptionally busy one for yours truly. As a registered contestant in the Nanowrimo competition – that’s […]