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Rainbow Mouse Friends - Charlie

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! As we get closer to the ship date, we’re counting down the days! Stay tuned to discover how you can get your very own copy!!

Confident and athletic, Timothy’s friend Charlie loves to run. She is a dynamic role model.

Rainbow Mouse Friends: Timothy Mouse

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! Everyone here at Rainbow Mouse HQ is getting excited!!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Timothy Mouse … a shy little mouse who never wants to do anything new without checking with someone else first. Will Timothy be able […]

Rainbow Mouse Friends: Chomper

Hi Folks:

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse continues! Friesens Corporation is on schedule to deliver the first shipment of books by the end of the month and we’re so excited! Stay tuned to discover how you can get your very own copy!!

This is Timothy Mouse’s friend, Chomper. Chomper’s real […]

The Adventures of Rainbow Mouse

Hi Folks:

Things have been quite around here for a while, but there’s been a good reason for that… 🙂

Watch for more details, coming soon!!

Hugs, M&M


Hi Folks:

More than halfway through October and we have yet to do a Photo of the Month post for September… oh, well. A part of the reason for that is because we’re currently on vacation in northern BC. We’ll have more to share about our adventures as we go along, but […]

Victorious Voices, 2017!

Hi Folks:

Last week marked the 8th annual Victorious Voices Festival here in Victoria! We missed the first two years, but we’ve been stalwart supporters of the event ever since. If you want to read our previous posts on this amazing creative blending of people and talents, you can find them […]

Remembering Father on Mother's Day...

Hi Folks:

This post is from the archives (2010), but as Mike’s mom and both of our dads are still with us (Marcia’s dad is 92 and going strong!) we thought it was worth revisiting!! _____

Hello Dear Ones!

As long as I can remember, every Mother’s Day – without exception – […]

Victorious Voices 2016

Hi Folks:

April 13-15 marked the seventh year for Victorious Voices, and our fifth year of being able to attend! A part of Raising Voices, hosted by the Victoria Poetry Project, Victorious Voices is a spoken word poetry competition for high school students in the greater Victoria […]

The Role of Libraries in the 21st Century

Hi Folks:

When we were young, getting one’s own library card was both a big adventure and a big responsibility. We (okay, mostly Mike) have what some would call an unhealthy attachment to books to this day. But in this day of smart phones, tablets and streaming video, some question […]

Victorious Voices 2015

Hi Folks: This is the third of three posts on recent cultural events we attended here in Victoria… last (for now) but definitely not least! As we’ve written before, the range of activities available here continually amazes us. Last Saturday for example one could choose from:

Creatively United for the Planet Festival […]